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FLOW Live - A Digital Experience

Our annual event, FLOW, is going digital.  We have created a fully remote, interactive experience that you can enjoy from your favorite side of the couch (you know you have one!) Please join us for FLOW Live, our newly reimagined virtual experience where you can enjoy thought leadership, education, training, and most importantly, connect with a community of your peers.

The first installment of the FLOW digital series will launch starting the week of April 27th. Each month we will showcase a different customer speaker with a live web episode, special guests and hands-on workshops. Check out the Agenda to see the complete scheduled series.

About Flow

There’s no friction when there’s FLOW. Embrace change.

Flow is THE digital collaboration event of the year. Whether you’re in a IT or DevOps function, Flow will help you reach new levels of productivity by enabling you with frameworks and strategies to draw insights across your business and establish a proactive mindset.

In today’s world, the lines are blurring. As you release software quicker and embrace fail-fast principles, it’s no longer easy to tell when something’s broken. Roles and responsibilities are not as clear either, as different teams face overlapping tasks. To top it off, your large volume of applications are trying to tell you something and it’s harder than ever to listen.

Join us for this virtual, interactive experience as we help you embrace the changes impacting your business and the way you work.

Our FLOW20 Speakers

Come hear from the greatest minds in the industry


Samantha Lara is a Crisis Management Associate for Sun Life, where she has been instrumental in the implementation and socialization of xMatters within Sun Life globally and is sometimes referred to as the “Grand Master Wizard of the Sun Life Notification System.” Samantha has over 3 years of experience in the field of Crisis Management and outside of work, she is a dedicated Personal Disaster Assistant volunteer for the Canadian Red Cross.

Samantha Lara

Crisis Management Associate

Sun Life

Mark Streger is a 40 year IT veteran who likes to look at a problem as an opportunity. In his current role his team manages enterprise tools focused on IT service management, automation and deployment. His mantra is to stay relevant and to discover synergies so that his team can do more with less.

Mark Streger

IT Manager

Freddie Mac

Hailed as “life-changing,” “riveting,” “extraordinary,” “bold,” and “deeply moving,” Allison Massari’s triumphant keynote is packed with poignancy and insight. As the survivor of a life-threatening car accident, and having suffered second and third degree burns on more than half of her body, Allison shares her story of absolute loss, to forgiveness and understanding, and finally to success and a life beyond anything she could have imagined. Her dynamic and deeply moving keynote offers applicable tools to rise above any obstacle and find peace, purpose, and happiness despite turbulent times. As Allison states, “The truth is, that the same internal fire and ‘command of self’ that I needed to heal my life is exactly what has given me success professionally.” With sensitivity and compassion born from her experiences, you will hear and understand the answers to some of life’s biggest questions. Audience members gain tools to immediately better manage their lives and navigate the everyday challenges of being human. Prepare to be inspired, moved, and energized. Prepare to be taken on a journey.

Allison Massari

Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, Visual Artist

Guest Motivational Speaker

Liat Palace is on a mission to transform Amdocs, the biggest telecommunication software provider. An organization with over 27,000 employees spread over 85 countries. <br /> Educated as a developer with more than 20 years’ experience in the software industry, served as a Scrum master and Agile coach. Today leading a group of DevOps coaches and Technology enthusiastics. Helps multi-million projects with thousands of employees to embrace collaborative culture, growth mindset, continuous learning, implement process betterment and technology excellence.

Liat Palace

Head of Agile and DevOps implementation


As CEO of WIRES, Australia's largest wildlife rescue organisation for the past 10 years, Leanne is passionate about projects and initiatives that improve animal welfare. A former law enforcement officer for the RSPCA she has also served as an animal welfare advisor to the NSW State Emergency Management Committee and is the current delegate representing wildlife organizations on the Australian National Bushfire Recovery Agency.

Leanne Taylor



Kyla is a strategic, detail-oriented manager passionate about creating positive change. With over 20 years management experience, Kyla specializes in managing cross-functional teams to improve processes, optimize systems and successfully deliver projects from concept to completion. At WIRES, Australia's largest wildlife rescue organization, Kyla is leading projects to transform engagement with volunteers and the community, increase rescue efficiency and implement significant improvements for wildlife rescue and care nationally.

Kyla Shelley

Operations Manager


Steve is a dynamic and strategic Business Development and Sales Leader with over 20 years’ experience for US Multinationals in Global and Regional leadership roles, with a proven track record driving multi-million dollar sales growth in Software (Application Development / DevOps / Testing Automation) and Cloud Infrastructure / Services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) Industries. Previously Steve had strategic roles at Microsoft and Compuware as well as other companies in the technology space.

Steve Foster

Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan


FLOW Live Agenda

The world is changing around us, and FLOW is no different. As we work to adapt to the new normal, it is our mission to continue to bring you in-depth product training, thought leadership and customer success stories – all from the comfort of your home.

June 16, 2020

6:00 AM PDT / 9:00 AM EDT

How Telefonica Reduced Complexity for MIMs Using Subscriptions & Flow Designer

June 16, 2020

How Telefonica Reduced Complexity for MIMs Using Subscriptions & Flow Designer

Speaker: Scott Hemmings, Senior Network Manager, Telefonica

Telefonica is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, operating in 14 countries with over 345 million customers. When Telefonica UK’s xMatters guru was leaving their major incident team they had to decide how they were going to manage the tool going forwards. This led to three important questions: (1) Why did they have so many Workflows and Forms? (2) What did the 4500 lines of JavaScript in their integration do when they clicked ‘Send Message’? (3) How were they going to improve the experience for their MIMs and customers? Scott Hemmings will be presenting on how Telefonica simplified their xMatters instance so their major incident team could focus on restoring service rather than deciding which Workflow to use. He will also talk about how they built a custom integration with ‘Workplace by Facebook’ so they could expand the reach of their communications.

June 16, 2020

10:00 AM PDT/1:00 PM EDT

FreddieMac: Crawl, Walk, Run - Improve IT operations with xMatters

June 16, 2020

FreddieMac: Crawl, Walk, Run - Improve IT operations with xMatters

Speaker: Mark Streger, IT Manager, Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac makes home possible for millions of families and individuals by providing mortgage capital to lenders. In this session Mark Streger, IT Manager of Freddie Mac will discuss adoption at a large organization where xMatters is used for support engagement, support group escalation and roster management. Crawl-How do you get supported and what is required? Do you have a system for user provisioning? What about training and testing? Authentication? Custom interfaces with your ITSM system? How do you know where you are ready to go live? Will you ever be? Walk-What about a test platform? Training Platform? Do you need a data backup strategy? Access to xMatters outside of your network? What about reporting? Additional use cases? Is onboarding and usage standardized and repeatable? End user complaints, why and how to resolve? Run-Improved integration with ITSM plugin. Enablement of MS teams Bot. Rollout of Splunk dashboard. Nested groups for major incidents. Automated xMatters engagement from monitoring alerts and incidents.


Find answers to what you want to know about FLOW Live

What is FLOW Live?

FLOW Live is a virtual event. Each month we will showcase a different customer speaker with a live web episode, special guests and hands-on workshops.

What are the dates for FLOW Live?

FLOW Live is a monthly digital series that will run from April to June. April Series: April 27-29, 2020 May Series: To be announced June Series: June 16, 2020

How can I watch FLOW Live?

You can register for FLOW Live from the main website. You will have the option to register for as many of the live web episodes and workshops as you’d like. Each online session will be hosted using Zoom. When you have registered you will receive an email with the event details and a link to the Zoom webinar the day before the online event.

What are the Registration Fees?

There are no fees. FLOW Live is a free online event.

Can I attend the training workshops only?

Yes, absolutely. You can attend as many, or as little as your schedule allows. FLOW Live is meant to be tailored to your own event experience.

Will the live sessions be recorded?

Yes. All of the sessions will be recorded and posted to an on-demand library. Access to the recordings will be made available after the event.

How do I register for FLOW Live?

Registration is not currently open but coming soon. Once registration is open you can will be able to register for Flow from the event website at https://events.xmatters.com/. Click the “Register” button and you will be taken to another screen to fill out the registration form. On the form you will be able to indicate which sessions you’d like to attend.

Can I register for more than one session?

Absolutely. On the registration form you will have the option to select one or more of the online sessions and workshops.

What if I forgot to register for a session?

No problem. If you would like to sign up for additional sessions, you can do so from the FLOW Live website. On the registration form select which session you’d like to attend.

If I'm not able to attend, will I be able to access the recording?

Yes. We will provide access to the session recordings to everyone that has registered after the event.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions or changes to my registration?

Feel free to send an email to the events team at events@xmatters.com. We are here to help and happy to answer any questions.

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